Mountain Drawing (The First Time I Felt at Home)

Peter Nelson

Opening Night 8 February 2011

8 February- 19 February 

"The link between art and architecture, in this case, is the common desire to create alternate realities through spatial invention." - Peter Nelson

Mountain Drawing (the first time I felt at home) comprises a large-scale Perspex sculpture and the series of plein air drawings on which it was based, which Nelson completed during his 2009 study tour of China's Hunan and Guanxi Province. The work was inspired by urban architectural designs as well as organic geological formations (particularly the karst limestone peaks of Southern China).

The work represents an important juncture in Nelson's broader exploration of the traditions of the fabricated landscape, encompassing such reference points as the Chinese literati tradition, European Romanticism and urban utopian architectural designs.

ID: A large-scale sculpture of a mountain with jagged peaks, around two metres wide by 1.5 metres high. The mountain sculpture is made of clear perspex containers, making the body of the sculpture semi-transparent.

Image credit: Peter Nelson. Perspex Sculpture and Pencil & Ink Drawing on Paper

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